Realisation of a selfie

While taking a selfie,

I’m not so good at tilting my head in a perfect angle. I’m too bad at drawing a perfect smile on my face.

But each time I take a selfie,

I gaze at me so close, so fixed

I observe how peacefully hollowness slumbers in my eyes.

I see how my eyebrows have become wayward as if there is none to guide them.

I feel how my nose breathes imperfection so perfectly.

I notice how my chapped lips are tenacious enough not to vent out the volume of my heart in front of everyone.

I touch the pimple on my cheek to know if that full stop is going to fade away nearly or continue as an ellipsis.

I run my fingers on the alleys of my parted hairs and shivers with the thought what if oneday like this parted hairstyle the people I love so much will go in their own ways to never cross my path again.

Reading my face this way made me realize why I can’t fit into anyone’s definition of beauty. I realize how hard I am to be loved by someone.

And before clicking the selfie, I smile a little cornered thinking how this Abhisikta reigns her own little realm happily

with the flaws she possesses

with the elegance, she lacks…


*Abhisikta is a Sanskrit word that means enthroned girl👸

16 thoughts on “Realisation of a selfie

  1. To understand young people, you have to read them. His thoughts, his concerns go hand in hand with his experiences and personal appearances. Your poem is a clear reflection of how you see yourself looking at yourself. And the most remarkable thing about this is that at no time does personal vanity appear in you. I liked your reflection because it was a sincere confession of your feelings.
    Greetings from Chile (South America)

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