Thousands of thorns piercing her abdomen

Continuous disturbance between her thighs

Even after swallowing forty-eight hours of deadly pain

Every month she cherishes her rebirth and magically survives again

Menstruation is the tears of grief of her aching body

Menstruation is tears of delight of her soul celebrating womanhood

She is the mysterious creation of Almighty

Poignant yet powerful, tender yet tolerant


27 thoughts on “Menstruation

  1. Could sense the pain in it. Oh, those days and it’s extreme pain😖. That’s the strength of womanhood. Die every month and reborn. You penned it in very beautiful lines. Enjoyed reading this and feel proud for being a woman.🤩💚👍

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  2. When We See
    Beauty of Pain
    We Feel
    oF Light We
    Create out of Dark
    Spin And Torsion
    Quantum Mechanics
    Suggests New UniVerses
    Created Not Destroyed
    In Black Holes Yes As
    Galaxies Enter Now
    Birth oF uNiVerses
    Big Bangs
    Again Come
    Do Understand
    That in Deed
    Is Woman
    Who Breathes
    New Life into
    HoW DiViNE
    Who You are This Vine..:)

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      1. My Pleasure.. You treat
        Everyone With
        So Much
        Kindness And
        Respect on Your
        Blog Those are
        The People
        Who Write
        The Most
        Beautiful Poetry
        I’m Impressed not
        Often i see this on
        Word Press Stay You
        Don’t let anyone ever
        Take Your Kindness Away
        And Yes keep Creating!

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