That night I explored myself

“Sunken are your eyes
Nubian is your nose
Lacklustre are your lips
Pale is your complexion
You can’t sing melodiously
You can’t dance gracefully
You can’t act brilliantly
You are just good for nothing stuff
A personification of imperfection you are.”
Reflection in the mirror pointed at me sarcastically.

With a shrill voice, I murmured
“I know that in this world of makeup, show off where each one tries to cross the other in grabbing the attention of the crowd, very much backward I am. I feel low, crestfallen for that. But I am not sure if I want to change or not.

I had no courage to face the mirror for one more second. I ran to the rooftop, my favorite place just to cry breathlessly in front of shimmering stars. Cool zephyr wiped away the drops on my cheek before my lips sense the saltiness. I just closed my eyes, put my right palm on my left breast. I felt each of my heartbeat saying something.

“In this world where the relationship has become synonym polygamy, you still wait devotedly to pour all your amassed love on your would-be groom.
Nowadays people make friendship just to gain some benefit. But you avoid those friends for whom you really care, just fearing to get attached with them mentally. Maybe because you don’t think yourself deserved enough to remain in their lives forever.
In today’s age photos are clicked with a filter just to post and grab likes in social media. But you do what! You still caress some precious photos in your gallery, feel those moments before you sleep.
Girls don’t attend functions without dabbing makeup. And you don’t know how to apply even kajal. Maybe you don’t want to hide your natural aura under the layer of artificiality.
Now Youngsters don’t find it necessary to ask their parents for the suggestion in any matter. But you consider the decision of your parents as your confirmation in smallest to greatest matters.
People don’t even think twice to behave rudely with others to attain their mean motive. And you still shed bucketful of tears for hours if you contemplate that you hurt someone unintentionally.
Each fraction of your soul breathes uniqueness. Each inch of your heart is filled with selfless love. Why do you consider yourself as a misfit!
Why do you bind yourself in the rope of inferiority complex!
Never expect love from others by showing them the ‘Fake You’. Love yourself accepting all the flaws you own, all the qualities you lack. Don’t estimate your happiness in the view of others. Redefine your own happiness darling!”

No words can express how I was feeling at that very moment. Maybe then and there I explored myself.

19 thoughts on “That night I explored myself

  1. Wowwwww. This is amazing I could literally feel each and every word. This line
    Never expect love from others by showing then the fake you. 🔥🔥🔥I loved it.
    Yeah, we don’t have to fake us in front of others just to impress them. The real people would love as whole even with our flaws too.

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  2. Very good! I too have many flaws and for many years, I played the compare game wanting to look like someone other than self. Years ago, I learned with God’s help and guidance, to enjoy the skin I am in. Loving self helps us to love others in a genuine loving way. When we aren’t critical of self, we aren’t critical of others. Thanks for the reminder.🥰👣

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