Batch Photo

Oneday batch photos will make you feel-

1. The people who once came closer hurriedly to fit in a frame have moved far hurriedly to fit in the world, in the society.

2. The weather of your eyes will change to rainy. Light of delight will shine from the corner of your lips. Your heart will get fertilized with the stored moments from the past. And memories will be cultivated.

3. You won’t notice the flowers in the background haven’t yet wilted. But for a while, you’ll feel the autumn in your body, in your mind turning spring.

4. That few second click doesn’t hold only fleeting candid poses and half-conscious smiles. It breathes millenium. You’ll realize it and a deep sigh will come out.

5. You are still loved and remembered by the people in the photo. It won’t be easy for you to believe this fact. Your belief will remain dangle somewhere a call away, a message away…


15 thoughts on “Batch Photo

  1. SMiLes.. We Miss What
    We Lose Most.. Perhaps
    After This Folks Will be
    Moved To really Flesh
    And Blood Connect… Until Then there are photos of
    The Humans We Used
    To Be… For Now
    Go Up In Value..:)

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