Who am I!

I am not an emperor. But I have a palace of creativity at the corner of my room.

And my chair is my throne sitting on which I can reign by heart and brain.

I am not a warrior. But I fight against all the evils of society with my magical sword, my pen.

I am not a painter. But I can paint every colour of the world just with black ink and white paper.

For me, poetry is the mirror which reflects the beauty of my emotions.

But I am not a poet.

I am a sincere spectator who can perceive poetry in unseen things, people and places.

For me, story is the umbrella which protects my soul from the rain of melancholy and pain.

But I am not a writer.

I am an enthusiastic explorer who can trace a new story from the forgotten memory.


26 thoughts on “Who am I!

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